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Lamborghini Centenario is not just a car, it is an event in time, a rare occasion, something special. With this project we wanted to remember the
100th anniversary birthday of the company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini.
This piece of art made its arrival of 40 units with the promise of speed and performance we have all been waiting for. Our task was to let you immerse in the core essence of the brand, knowing its choices of uniqueness, style and its upgrades, trying to describe this rare jewel.
RATIONALE / Making History, Becoming art.
If statues were once what we called art, what would it be the legacy that has been left down to us? We firmly believe that the passion that had driven artists in the past could have been the same that brought this piece of art to life.
RATIONALE / Break through the ordinary.
You can get a feel of the thundering nature of the Roadster version of Lamborghini centenario. It simply needs 2,9 seconds to dominate the weather.
RATIONALE / Don’t settle.
The driver rolled down his car window, love struck by the Lamborghini parked just across the road. The desire of owning what he or she sees gets stronger and stronger, while a voice inside is whispering “you deserve more”.
RATIONALE / Dusk till dawn. One race left.
There is only one race: the one against yourself. To overcome our limits there’s no shortcut. This image wants to show the hardship toward becoming the better version of itself.



Edvig De Stefano


Nicola Aschero